The American Commons is a grassroots web magazine providing a voice for a post-liberal America, through commentary on faith, culture, and politics.

Our Mission

At The American Commons, we seek to heal the partisan divide and bring the culture war to an armistice. We are driven by a passion for the sanctity of human life, the necessity of social justice, our responsibility to care for the environment, and promotion of a more peaceful world.

Our Editorial Perspective

While our contributors have a diverse range of convictions, our editorial focus is centered on a desire to seek the common good, on common ground, through common sense in the political realm. We are a non-sectarian and non-partisan publication, although our view of the common good is rooted in post-liberal philosophy and the consistent life ethic.

As such, many of our editorial staff and contributors are members of the American Solidarity Party, although The American Commons is not affiliated, and the views presented therein are not necessarily representative of the party itself (the official stances of which can be found here).

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